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Top 10 Best Media Players For iOS And Android !!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 / No Comments
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know how much media is consumed on smartphones and tablets. Photos and music are almost entirely viewed on mobile devices, and mobile video consumption is only rising. While many people stick to the built in or default apps on iOS and Android, many third-party apps are way better for media, adding extra features and hugely improving on the user experience through good design.
I've looked for the best apps for music, photos, and videos, and tried to focus on the actual interface instead of just the features that you will anyway find listed in the app's description, because the interface determines how easy to use, and ultimately how useful the app really is.
Here are the top ten media apps for iOS and Android:
1) VLC ( iOS, Android )

VLC by VideoLAN is pretty much a household name by now. VLC for iOS and Android supports various kinds of subtitles and played almost everything I threw at it. There were some issues with a few files on the Nexus 5 that caused delayed subtitles and the interface of the player gets overlapped by the phone's soft buttons.
Other than that VLC will serve the purpose for most people who want to watch videos on the go. VLC is also the only player that displayed styled subtitles correctly for all videos tested. Reliability, wide support, and a simple interface make this a great choice.


2) Infuse 3 (iOS)

This iOS exclusive video player is the best looking one out of all the ones I've used on both iOS and Android. On the other hand, it is not as robust in terms of features as, for instance, It's Playing Pro (see below).
If that's not a concern, then Infuse is a great choice, because it has the best of a gorgeous interface and a media player that supports almost every kind of file. Infuse 3 even automatically pulls metadata from the Internet for movies in the app, and displays them in a nice cinema ticket format.

3) DicePlayer (Android)

On Android, multiple file formats and encoding was never an issue as most players already played almost everything. DicePlayer is one of the most popular video players on Android with features like pop out play, support for multiple audio and subtitle tracks and hardware accelerated playback that is buttery smooth.
I hope it gets an update with a Material Design look soon because that's the only thing missing.

4) MX Player (Android)

Just like DicePlayer, MX too supports a variety of formats and plays videos perfectly. It also supports pinching (to zoom) and panning (to scrub) the video and allows you to zoom in and move subtitles as well. I love the subtitle gestures available in MX Player.
MX Player is also available with a Hindi interface, thanks to volunteer efforts, and has been optimised for Android TV as well, in case you're looking for a media player with an Android set top box. Themes, automatic subtitle downloading, all in a small app that loads quickly and works smoothly make this a good pick.

5) CanOpener (iOS)

The aptly named CanOpener for iOS is a very interesting music player. It supports high resolution FLAC playback natively and has built in audio profiles for various popular headphone brands including Beyerdynamic, Grado, Sennheiser, and more.
The audio output is tweaked to match your headphone of choice. The app interface is a bit hard to navigate at first but audiophiles will love this app.

6) Shuttle+ (Android)

Shuttle+ has already been featured in the 10 Best Paid Android Apps feature last week and for good reason. It is one of the best designed music apps on any platform.
It gets Material Design right and plays your music as it should. No compromises or annoyances like some other popular apps.

7) BlackPlayer EX (Android)

BlackPlayer EX isn't just another music player for Android. It has the most customizable interface and audio options out there. While the current trend with apps is to blur the album art as the background, BlackPlayer EX allows you to customize that as well, with nice sliders.
Considering that the ability to customize the experience is a big part of the appeal of using Android in the first place, BlackPlayer EX fits right in, and lets you create your own unique media experience.

8) It's Playing Pro (iOS)

Out of all the video apps available, It's Playing Pro has the best network support. Supporting multiple formats and subtitles (even auto-downloading the latter) is a given and you even get granular control over what quality to playback videos in formats not supported by hardware decoding.
It's Playing Pro allows you to view files in, Facebook with downloading support, Dropbox, Youtube, and more. Networked hard drives like Sandisk Connect and Seagate Satellite are also supported.
You can also view videos frame-by-frame - perfect for geeks who want to overanalyse a background object in a scene - and the app supports pinch to zoom to get up close in a video as well. What's more, instead of just allowing you to adjust the brightness of the video, you can also change contrast and saturation.

9) Google Photos (iOS, Android)

Google Photos is the culmination of Google's great design and mind-blowing machine learning. Google Photos is a great app to view and manage your photos in because it lets you search through all your images that aren't tagged.
Images that have food in them show up when you search for food and it has to be seen to believed. There can be some hiccups, when users behave unexpectedly. For instance, when we photographed a childhood picture in school uniform, it recognised that this is a school photo, and using location information, tagged it at the local school.
Despite the small gaps, Google really outdid itself with this app.

10) Focus (Android)

Focus is a brilliantly designed photo viewer and management app for Android. It allows detailed tagging and supports passcode lock. I love how it arranges your photos based on location and type on the home screen.
It might not be as smart as Google Photos, but it's not as complicated either, and is still a solid upgrade over your default gallery app. The app also sports a Material Design look and lets you view detailed information about each photograph.

These are our top picks, but if you're using something different that you think is even better, tell us and the other readers, via the comments.

Snapdeal Electronic Monday Tomorrow !! Is Your Cart Ready?

Sunday, 11 October 2015 / No Comments

Snapdeal is holding the Snapdeal Monday Electronics sale on October 12, where shoppers can avail of discounts on a range of electronics including personal devices like mobiles and tablets, home appliances, and a whole lot more.

The e-commerce company said that the Snapdeal Monday Electronics Sale will see discounts of up to 60 percent off across all leading brands. There will be hourly special deals on 4G phones, and all day deals on leading products across price ranges, from Rs. 1,000-60,000.

As part of Snapdeal Monday Electronics Sale, the online marketplace will host special offers on big ticket items like home entertainment systems and TVs - with special deals on large screen LED TVs from Philips and Micromax.

Snapdeal Monday Electronics Sale will also offer discounts on heavy appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and water heaters, with delivery fulfilment across India, the company said.

There will be deals on DSLRs and point and shoot cameras from Canon and Nikon, Toshiba brand computers, external hard drives, apart from Snapdeal-exclusive smartphones like the Micromax Canvas Spark 2 and Yu Yunique, as part of the Monday Electronics Sale.

Snapdeal says it has invested $100 million (roughly Rs. 650 crores) in ramping up delivery times, and plans to invest an additional $200 million (roughly Rs. 1,300 crores) in the next 12 months to further strengthen its supply chain. All this should theoretically help in making sure customer experience with the Snapdeal Monday Electronics Sale is better than last year's Snapdeal Savings Day.

Snapdeal kicked off the festival season with a Preview Monday Sale. The sale saw 5 million app downloads during the 24-hour period, and average sales of three smartphones every second, Anand Chandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer at Snapdeal said. The Snapdeal Monday Electronics Sale promises to be a lot bigger.

Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are sure to catch your attention !!

Saturday, 10 October 2015 / No Comments
Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL at its Windows 10 devices event in New York on Tuesday. Not only are these two smartphones the most powerful and top-of-the-line Windows Phone handsets we've seen so far, they also come with several new features that cannot be found elsewhere.
It's been a while since Microsoft released a flagship Windows Phone handset. The last flagship Windows Phone the company released was the Lumia 930, which was launched last year. With the company certainly looking to boost its mobile business efforts, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL are key to Microsoft's attempted recovery. So, what's special about them?
--> Windows 10 Continuum
Sure, smartphones are essentially computers, with a different operating system and interface. But the two new Lumia handsets can quite literally be called mini-computers - in the traditional PC sense. With the Windows 10 Continuum feature, they can be hooked up to a monitor along with a mouse and keyboard, using the Microsoft Display Dock. Once connected, the phone's user interface switches to an interface that looks like a Windows 10 desktop with Start menu and other elements.
--> Liquid cooling
Liquid cooling is a technology to cool down the internals of a CPU including and especially the chipset. The company says that both Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL come equipped with "tablet-class liquid cooling," as when your device is a computer, you need to ensure that it doesn't heat up. While we are yet to see actual performance in benchmarks and real-world tests, the liquid cooling should go a long way in helping alleviate the famous Snapdragon 810 overheating issues, at least for the Lumia 950 XL.
--> Windows 10 Mobile
Both the handsets are amongst the first handsets to run Windows 10 Mobile, the mobile edition of the company's new operating system. With the new operating system, the company is bringing several new features -- including the Continuum that we discussed above. In addition, the new operating system also makes it possible for developers to quickly turn their Windows' desktop applications into their mobile counterpart tapping universal app support. Apart from new and improved Cortana support that syncs across devices, it also brings several changes to apps like Camera, Photos, Messaging, People, OneDrive, and Office Mobile. Also new is one-handed mode.

--> High-end cameras
Camera sensors have been one of the strong suites of Lumia handsets, and the Lumia 950 and theLumia 950 XL are continuing the custom. Both the handsets come with a 20-megapixel rear PureView camera with triple-LED RGB flash modules and a wide-angle 5-megapixel shooter placed upfront. Initial word from the event is that both the handsets are able to take good pictures even in low-lighting condition, but we will reserve our final judgement until we get to play with them. The primary camera comes with optical image stabilisation capability and can record videos in up to 4K video resolution.
--> USB Type-C port
The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL are also the first Lumia handsets to come with USB Type-C port. Not only this will make it easier for users to plug-in the data cable to the phone -- as it could be inserted with either of the sides placed up -- it will also offer faster charging. The company says that both the handsets can go from zero battery level to 50 in 30 minutes. Microsoft is using the USB 3.1 specification, with improved transfer rates and audio-visual capabilities.
-- > Windows Hello
Both the handsets also support Windows Hello, a biometric authentication capability that makes it possible for the device to verify users by looking at their faces - without the need for them to type in their login credentials. The facial-recognition capability allows the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL to unlock the devices as soon as a user holds them up in front of their face.

-- > QHD displays
The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL sport QHD displays. They are the first two Lumia-branded handsets to offer such high-resolution screens. Previously, the flagship Windows Phone handsets including the Lumia 930 offered only up to FHD display. Also, both Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL are the first two Lumia-branded handsets to come equipped with 3GB of RAM.

Amazon Great Indian Festive Or Flipkart Big Billion Days Or SnapDeal Electronic Monday? Which One To Go For?

/ No Comments

Snapdeal Electronics Monday Sale and Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale are around the corner and more details are emerging about the deals and products on offer. Amongst other brands, Micromax's Yu has announced details of its products that will be part of the festival special sales.
Yu has announced that its Yu Yuphoria and Yu Yureka Plus - both of which now run Android instead of Cyanogen OS and are available via open sales - will part of Amazon's Great Indian Festive Sale. Meanwhile, the Snapdeal-exclusive Yu Yunique will be available without registrations as part of Snapdeal Electronics Monday, the company has announced.
Yu said as part of the release that it wants to become the number one online-only handset brand in India, with a target of selling 5 lakh smartphones by Diwali this year. Yu will no doubt be hoping the Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale and Snapdeal Electronics Monday provide a big push towards that goal.
Online marketplace Snapdeal announced on Friday that will be holding a special Monday Electronics Sale, where shoppers can avail of discounts across personal devices, home appliances, and electronics.
Meanwhile, Amazon's Great Indian Festive Sale will go head to head against Flipkart's Big Billion Days from October 13 to October 17 in a bid to capture the mind- and market-share in the burgeoning Indian e-commerce space.

HTC launches One E9s Dual Sim at Rs 23500 !!

Thursday, 8 October 2015 / No Comments

According to an established Mumbai-based retailer, HTC's new mid-range One E9s Dual SIM smartphone has been launched in India.
Priced at Rs. 21,900 (best buy), the smartphone comes with an MRP of Rs. 23,500 and stocks for theHTC One E9s Dual SIM is said to be available in a few days.
Notably, HTC's One E9s Dual SIM was recently officially listed on the company's India site, and was also available to buy via an Indian e-commerce site at Rs. 21,142. HTC so far has not made any announcement regarding the launch of the One E9s Dual SIM.
The smartphone features dual-SIM support with dual Nano-SIM cards and runs Android Lollipop with Sense UI on top. Under the hood, the One E9s Dual SIM is powered by an octa-core MediaTek (MT6752M) processor clocked at 1.5GHz coupled with 2GB of RAM.
The One E9s Dual SIM features a 5.5-inch HD (720x1280 pixels) display offering a pixel density of 267ppi. The handset packs 16GB of inbuilt storage and supports expandable storage via microSD card (up to 2TB). There is a 13-megapixel rear camera with BSI sensor, autofocus, and LED flash on board, apart from a 4-megapixel UltraPixel front-facing camera with BSI sensor. Both front and rear cameras support 1080p video recording.
The new One E9s Dual SIM comes with 4G LTE and supports Indian LTE bands. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS/ EDGE, Micro-USB, and 3G. The HTC One E9s Dual SIM, much like other One-series smartphones, features BoomSound with Dolby Audio Surround technology. The smartphone is backed by a 2600mAh battery. It measures 157.7x79.7x7.64mm and weighs 165 grams. It will be available in White Luxury, Meteor Grey, and Roast Chestnut colours.

Apple Reveals The Price Of iPhone 6S and 6S+ in India !! Are You Willing To Buy It?

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Iphone 6s Price In india

Apple distributor Ingram Micro has informed its retail partners the launch price of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India. According to the communication - a copy of which has been seen by Gadgets 360 - the iPhone 6s will start at Rs. 62,000 for the 16GB variant. The iPhone 6s Plus will start at Rs. 72,000 for the same storage capacity.

The 64GB and 128GB variant of the iPhone 6s will be priced at Rs. 72,000 and Rs. 82,000 respectively, while the iPhone 6s Plus will cost Rs. 82,000 and Rs. 92,000 for the same storage capacities.

The communication also confirms the repricing of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5s that Gadgets 360 had exclusively reported last month. To recall, the iPhone 6 is now priced at Rs. 52,000 for the 16GB model and Rs. 62,000 for the 64GB variant. The iPhone 6 Plus is now priced in India at Rs. 62,000 and Rs. 72,000 for 16GB and 64GB models respectively.

The older iPhone 5s now starts at Rs. 35,000 for the 16GB variant, with the 32GB model now priced at Rs. 40,000. Of course these are all MRPs, and the effective market price online as well as offline is actually lower.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus come in four colours: Silver, Gold, Space Grey, and a new Rose Gold Aluminium finish.

The phones will go on sale in India on Friday, October 16. The phones saw record 13 million sales and pre-orders during the opening weekend.

What do you think of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch price in India? Let us know by voting in the poll and via the comments.